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Chalkboard hanging by twine on a pole that writes, Welcome please Come In.
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My name is Dr. Whitney Patterson, DACM, L.Ac and I am delighted to be joining you on your healing journey here.  Please take a moment to read through this introduction before your first treatment.

  • The Clinic Setting  

Treatments will be provided in a semi-private setting where other patients are also receiving care.  Healing in a group setting has many benefits – it’s easier for friends and family members to come for treatment together, a collective energetic field becomes established making individual treatments more powerful, and it demystifies the process of what acupuncture is about.  You will be relaxing in a clean, reclining chair and points will be utilized from the elbows to the hands, the knees to the feet, and possibly the ears and head.  Therefore, please wear loose, comfortable clothing that can allow access to those areas – you do not need to disrobe.  These areas will treat most anything and you will notice results even without having needles placed directly in areas of discomfort – back pain, for example, can be effectively treated with points on the hands and ankles.  Once needles are placed, you will rest for at least 30minutes.

  • My Commitment to You 

This practice is welcoming to all different kinds of people.  My hope is to improve quality of life in our community by providing affordable, quality acupuncture and increasing access to care for all.  You deserve a safe environment with a skilled and experienced practitioner, and I am excited to be your neighborhood place for healing!

              CLINIC PROTOCOL & ETIQUETTE                

  • »   As a new patient, after you arrive you will fill out the intake and consent form and registration paperwork

  • »   We will meet in a private room to discuss the reason for your visit, your treatment plan, and what to expect

  • »   You will go back and get comfortable in a chair – please remove your shoes and socks and roll up your pants and sleeves if necessary.  There is a basket next to each chair for you to place your personal items

  • »   After the needles are placed you will rest comfortably for at least 30minutes –

  • »   When you are through, I will remove the needles, go over a treatment plan again and then check you out and schedule your next appointment!

  • »   Enjoy the rest of your day!

  • *Please feel free to bring any items from home that will make your treatment more comfortable (earplugs, music, a favorite clean pillow or blanket, etc.)* 

Community Mindedness

·       We all create a quiet peaceful setting by speaking softly, and not too much. Please completely silence your cell phone.

·       Strong scents, perfumes, aftershave, body care/hair products, and detergents trigger allergic reactions and migraines for some people.  Please minimize your use of these products before treatments.

Commitment to the process of healing

Acupuncture is a process.  Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms; it is gentle and safe and usually gradual. Almost everybody who gets acupuncture will need a series of treatments to get good results, which is one big reason we love the ease and accessibility of community acupuncture. As your acupuncturist I will suggest a course of treatment based on the intensity and duration of your health concern. Twice a week is usually the minimum needed to get some momentum moving ahead with a health issue – though more frequent visits are common for short periods of time if the problem is quite intense. If you don’t come often enough or for enough treatments, acupuncture may not work as well for you.

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