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"Tension is who you think you should be,

relaxation is who you are."

-- Chinese Proverb

An ancient practice dating back thousands of years across various cultures, this technique utilizes negative pressure (think, inverse of a massage) to therapeutically break up blockages.  Traditionally made from bamboo or animal horns, the modern use of cupping involves glass, plastic, or silicone materials that are moved over or placed stationary onto the body. The color of the marks at the end will indicate how much stagnation or lack of blood flow is in that area.

Effects include:

  • softening adhesions

  • promoting microcirculation 

  • decompressing fascia

  • reducing inflammation

  • draining lymphatic fluids

  • relaxing the central nervous system

... and can be used for many conditions including pain symptoms, respiratory conditions and digestive discomfort as well as for stress and anxiety.

Cupping Treatment
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